The Heritage


As part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, Balmain Paris Hair Couture has over

40  years of heritage in combining hair essentials with the latest catwalk trends.

The collections are inspired by backstage secrets and mirror all a woman needs

to create the ultimate catwalk inspired look. Over these 40 years, Balmain Paris

Hair Couture established its legitimacy in the field of luxury. We pay meticulous

attention to detail and perfection and are always researching and creating new

application techniques to guarantee the best quality products, while always

respecting our proud and rich heritage.



All collections consist of a small but complete line of only best selling products.

Our design, manufacture and retail teams continuously raise the bar for excellence

in our products. The long term vision based on heritage, creativity and innovation

drives the success of Balmain Paris Hair Couture and ensures its promising future.



Balmain Paris Hair Couture continuously strives to source, select and process the best

hair in the world. This drive for excellence, allows the company to present a unique

6 months guarantee on all human hair products. However, the search for excellence

goes beyond the quality of our products; it encompasses the selection of our partners,

the design and location of our partner stores, the presentation of our products and the

ability of our partners to immerse their customers into the world of Hair Couture.



Balmain Paris Hair Couture is embraced by the biggest session stylists, influencers and

celebrities worldwide. The products can be found on the beauty pages of the most

influential print and digital publications worldwide, where the quality and signature

scent is recognized as pure luxury by editors and industry professionals. There is no other hair brand with such a strong link to fashion. The arrival of Olivier Rousteing truly propelled Balmain into the spotlight. Since being appointed Creative Director, Balmain has gained worldwide exposure with a big and diverse follower’s base. Balmain Paris Hair Couture is continues to support this huge success while staying true to the heritage that started over 45 years ago.

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